Monday, May 16, 2005

The baby adventures

Cam spent the weekend with her Grandmother- my mom. Digging in the garden, again, and eating dirt apparently. Two people never got along better. My mom has turned out to be a wonderful grandmother. She loves coming to get her grandbaby, thinks of her all the time, calls her to see how she is and to talk to her. They are two very lucky people to have each other.


Cammy went on her first trip to the Butterfly House Sunday. The first thing everybody has said since I told them we went is, "What is it?" It's a nature preserve that houses over 1200 butterflies and a tropical butterfly garden in a glass house. St Louis has one in our suburbs, it is a piece of the Missouri Botanical Garden – it is located in Faust Park in Chesterfield. It was beautiful, Cammy was intrigued by the little flying insects, not scared by any means. She wasn't overly excited until we let her down and allowed her to chase them – that got her attention. Along with all the little kids there. She was in heaven. She needed a nap though – most of the day and I being the mommy genius that I am- Didn't pick up the signs until full blown tantrum had ensued. She slept like a log for two hours after. J wanted to try to chocolate covered Ants and stuff from the gift shop- can you say hellz naw! This ain't fear factor and I'm not trying to win fifty g's. (slang terms were necessary to show the force in which I was NOT eating chocolate covered insects). He settled on salsa (no bugs) and blackberry jam for granny from the gift shop. Cammy's godparents came, Ti and To. (from now on to be referred to as TiTo) We all took a turn on a swing. Cammy LOVED that- and so did Ti for that matter she looked about 8 years old swinging on that swing, fretting about her hair. It was great.


The butterflies were beautiful. They had so many different types and colors and patterns and SIZES – some of those were huge. And they were just as content with one another pleased to be fluttering about. And we were pleased to be watching, it was very relaxing. Made me wish life were that simple. That easy to get along with people, that easy to enjoy all of life. That easy to show my daughter all the beauty and color in the world.


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