Monday, May 23, 2005

It was an accident.. I didn't mean to like her!

Laura Bush's Overseas trip

I'm not supposed to like Laura Bush. But I do. shes got spunk and carisma, its like she's the brains of that opperation. She's been in the news lately and is possibly the only reason I can imagine some people still sticking by W - "I mean Laura still likes him...." Her cute ribbing of the president during the White House Correspondents Association dinner was like seeing a great opening act before the headliner tanks. Her ease and polish showing during the protests of her middle east visit, Laura bush reminds me of the moms of my friends in college. Like she would send stuff and remember to mention all the right friends in letters and phone calls to her kids who are away. She, the perfect mom to be the buffer between ids and a imperfect dad. But kids grow up and see past mom, to who dad really is and with so many questions unanswered or the answers being not what the american public wants to beleive it really does make me wonder what a nice girl like Laura is doing with a guy like W- then again I wondered what Monica saw in Bill too. Since I rarly agree with W most people will right this off as Bush bashing- for me Bush bashing is way too easy, I've chosen a more challenging route, I'm trying to understand why Bush chooses the way he does. Sometime I really think he's doing what he beleives is the right thing, sometimes I think he's got people pulling his strings, including daddy Bush, and he still beleives hes doing the right thing. Sometimes I think like most politics its all about money and how much he can get or set up for later, Some times I wonder if my voice can be heard and if it even makes a difference if I disagree the status quo. But I talk anyway and I like Laura too. go figure.


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