Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Man PMS, Kiddie Sandals and a Need to Write

Today I wanted to write some poetry but my mind has not wrapped around the idea, so I have decided that I need to read more poetry. I like to read poetry it makes me remember moments I might not have held on to otherwise and thus spurs poetry of my own. I also like to read a rhyming dictionary. Very soothing and typically starts a poem by the fourth or fifth page of rhymes. Jerry says I'm cheating when I read or use a rhyming dictionary – I don't agree. It worked before and I write better when I'm immersing my self in the elements of writing, poetry and language. So (imagine my tongue sticking out here.)


J has been rather sensitive lately- don't try and tell me men don't suffer from PMS. They do – he heard me compare him to an 80gig hard drive and assumed I was telling someone about his Gigabytes when I was talking about him being my own personal storage space- but apparently my gig was corrupt yesterday and needed to be reformatted, can you believe that?!? And what's wrong with 80 gigs? You gotta pay extra for all that space anyway in most computers that's an upgrade. Most women would be glad to get 80 gigs in their PC I know I was.


Anyway the Girl is becoming her own little person, she knows what she wants and is trying to find the words to tell us what it is. She got new sandals with the little piece that slips between her toes – that was a new thing for her. She was a little confused at first She lifted her foot off the ground as if to show me and get me to take it off. Shook her foot, and stood real wide as if she didn't want to actually walk in them. Then she stooped down to play with her toes and get a closer look at the thing between her toes before she decided it was alright. After about ten minutes with her new shoesshe was happy to have her feet out and was walking like a pro in her sandals! Viva La Shoes!!!


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