Thursday, May 26, 2005

Homeward boud or rather investment bound...

Home buying sucks. It's an endless maze of opinions, in the form of appraisals  and payoffs in the form of fees. And the worst part of all of this is I'm not getting what I want out of this purchase. Over a hundred thousand dollars and I can't get what I want! A home. I get investment properties.  My landlord is getting jittery and dramatic but I said that was gonna be his M.O from the very beginning. Our neighbor is selling a unit very nearby for a lot more money and now he's very very nervous.   Feels like he's getting the short end of the real estate stick, so he's bad mouthing us to the neighbors he never sees normally because he's absent tee - unless his old friends are having a party then he's around - he was totally taken back by all the things the in inspection report. He claims we (both us and the guys upstairs) never told him all the things that were wrong with the house but who lives with moldy walls and never calls their landlord? Really? My real estate agent is my mother - enough said. My future tenant is not being very helpful. And actually he's not even my tennant he's just staying with the guy untill he finds an apartment. The guy who lives upstairs is in Florida. This should not be as difficult as it is or has been.  


Random thought: I need to rent a rototiller for the gardens.


 Don't get me wrong, it is what is best for our family. Establishing rental income, building wealth, capitalizing on a great opportunity, ect ect and so forth. But I wanted to find a place to call home.  I wanted to buy a place Cammy could grow up in. Make memories in – where our family can grow- Jerry and I agree on at least one more child  (he wants two – that's another post) I wanted to find a home we could have that family in and not need to move again when the baby is four- who wants to move with a toddler? I wanted to plant my herb garden and not have to use portable pots because we don't know hat next year will bring, wanted to mold and fold some home around us. But I guess more than that I didn't want to move. Which was why I gave my vote for buying our apartment building. I hate moving in general, and I understand why we have chosen this way I really do. I sometimes just want to be regular and not know any better.

Just buy a house and live in it… But I guess that was what renting was for the most part. Just living in it. Anywho, its all neither here nor there. We close soon and can start fixing all the stuff that we know is wrong. Try and make our tenants happy – get the downstairs unit ready for renting and then maybe I can get my home.  



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