Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday the new Monday

You ever have nothing happen, and you were quite okay with that?

That’s the kind of day today has been. Rather blah, but it has given me the opportunity to think about some things I need to focus on, like school for Cammy.

I have noticed a lot in this wonderful, wonderful world of blogging that I have found. People STILL have a zillion opinions, and it amazes me how easily people draw lines in the sand and are ready to fight to the death over, what amounts to… an opinion. Why is it so difficult for adults for that matter, to simply agree to disagree, respect the choices of our fellow human and have a nice day?

Stay at home/work from home moms and dads vs. work away from home moms and dads

Home schooling families vs. Private school families vs. public school families

It just seems so silly. Me personally, I wish I could do it all. I wish I could get the best of a homeschool world and private schooling all rolled into one. I wish I could work part time away from home and stay home two or three days a week. I wish the right choices were easy to find and implement.

So in an attempt to have my cake and eat it too, I’m hoping I can get my hands on some home schooling books and some curriculum that I can use with Cammy to supplement what we learn from the private school we have chosen. I am hoping to find the reading material that will help me learn to be a better parent, and become more involved with teaching Cammy on a every day level. The funny thing is as many black parents talk about wanting to do better by their children, however, in my experience, which is honestly more limited than I really want it to be, so few really choose the time commitment that is necessary to truly make a difference in the product you receive i.e. the adult your child grows up to be.

And that has been honestly the most eye opening thing for me as a African American to understand and digest as a parent. Granted children don’t come with a manual, but man if they don’t have a zillion at Borders and Barnes and Nobel. And if I don’t have any idea what I’m doing, I have to seek out and research better parenting techniques and apply them. Better learning opportunities, better exposure to the world.

My mom taught me that when I was a kid, and I think it was possibly the most valuable thing she could have ever taught me. My mom always wanted us to believe we could get the results we wanted we just had to figure out how. And then execute. Honestly if people put all the energy they pour into their hustle into their goal, what ever it is, cause that’s what it is, hustle, you can figure out anything you want. I will never believe the whole I simply don’t have time theory, great children and adults don’t just happen. You have to pour energy and time and focus into parenting, or you are just hoping it all works out for the best. Hoping the things that influence your child when you can’t won’t be that bad.

I have been blessed. As a Christian, I married a good man, I believe I have a good foundation in which to offer my child a faith based existence designed to help her end up in heaven. On that path, I think she will learn how to fulfill the things she needs, understand her wants and desires, and learn how to balance them. She will teach me as many things as I teach her.

p.s big ups to those competeing and tearing it up at nationals, (especailly Neo Soul!!!)I'm with you in spirit. NPS (National poetry slam) is truly something to be hold treasure it guys really.


Anonymous chelle said...

I agree, I would love to do the best of all the worlds, home-school, private-school. Working, Not so much!! I love being a stay at home mom, however that is what works for our family. Every family is different and rather than judging those differences it would be nice if we embraced those differences!

Awesome post woman! You will have to share what you find on home-schooling. I wan tot start something with Boo at some point.

Oh I loved what you said about your mom teaching you that you can learn anything! I hope to instill that into my daughter too!

8:36 AM  

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