Tuesday, August 08, 2006

15 things I strongly dislike.

I am doing this because I was tagged even if I didn’t remember until like wayyyyy later (Sorry Jae)

Here we go
1. air conditioning. I hate the way it makes me feel like I’m being cooled from the inside however..
2. I hate being hot, like Hebrew slave hot. I love summer and I don’t mind sweating but I’d like to earn my sweat – standing out side is not earning my sweat.
3. feeling useless, I am a fix it, I was born to be a mommy, I hate not nurturing, even if I don’t like you I nurture. Sue me
4. lose hairs, they make me feel like bugs are crawling on me, and I’m not afraid of bugs I just hate bug bites, and that crawly feeling when they crawl on you sucks too.
5. Telling Cammy no
6. being side seat parented like I’m six and not a grown arsed woman.
7. TV haters. Granted most TV is stupid, I happen to like my fair share of TV, including food network, the DIY channel, Entourage, Grey’s Anatomy, and extreme makeover; home edition.
8. political junkies, who want to look down on me cause I’m not hyper political. Listen I got kid stuff and home stuff and dog stuff – I don’t have time to memorize your favorite candidates pro and con list so we can debate on my porch.
9. wanting stuff. I am a stuff person. I like stuff, and there is always something else I want or think I need, and I’m trying to get better but that is my biggest annoyance with my self. (Jerry I’m not saying this so you can take it upon yourself to help me- I’m not asking for your help with this… at all… seriously.)
10. my work ethic, unless its something I really believe in – I’m not really up for working. I don’t really like it. I’ve learned and am learning to take pride in my everyday job, but its taking some work.
11. Libraries – as much as I love them I don’t cause I always get late fees but other than late fees they rock.
12. CD’s – cause they scratch
13. Dreams I can’t reach
14. business hours, especially bankers hours, every business open to the public should be open to at least eight o’clock. Cause most people work 9 to 5, so you shouldn’t close at five cause I can NEVER GET THERE.
15. Thinking up people to tag cause I always think I’m gonna hurt somebody’s feeling cause I didn’t put them on the list to be tagged.

Tagging the hubby- cause that’s safe.


Anonymous JO said...

My comment didn't go thru...hope it doesn't double

I just discovered that you can renew your books on line...and get some breathing room to finish the book or just avoid the fines.

6:06 PM  
Blogger Jaelithe said...

Hehe that's okay-- I take forever to finish memes when I'm tagged. There's one I got tagged for like three months ago that I'm still working on.

Anyway I wouldn't be offended if someone I tagged never wrote what I tagged them for at all. I have the opposite problem that you do-- I am always afraid people might be annoyed if I DO tag them, heh.

I have a wanting stuff problem myself . . . mostly books, and furniture and accessories for my home . . .

3:06 PM  
Anonymous melissa b. said...

Love this list! I'm with ya on the air conditioning, LOVE IT and will not live without it, but oy. It could be nicer.

And I'm totally like your #10. I am so unmotivated with projects I'm not into.

9:04 PM  

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