Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dog nuts and other psychiatric moments

So I forgot to mention – our dog was in doggy jail over the weekend. I’m telling you it was a long weekend. He got loose and picked up by the humane society. After the whole Cammy doctor, hospital trip thingy, it was just one more notch on my mommy belt. So I had to hunt him down, I was so scared someone just snatched him but thankfully that wasn’t the case. But they didn’t want to give him back until he was neutered.

Um, how about no.

Anubis was purchased as a entry into dog shows for me and possible studding, if we get it together and go back to class and such, then maybe people will pay us for his sexiness. However I’m not into puppy milling, and random mutt breeding so if we don’t show him and he doesn’t do well then we probably won’t breed him. We’ve already turned down offers to breed him with other mastiffs, that isn’t in the best interest of my breed so, I have declined.  I have to keep reminding my self cause the grand I was offered would be so convenient. But that’s not the right reason to breed. Any who we had to prove our intent to show Nuby, and initially they would only accept a breeders license, but we have no immediate plans to breed the big boy yet, he’s still a baby.  However after two days of massive calling and hustle, I mean I called my local government bodies, the alderman, city help lines, animal control, everybody I could think of, they let him go, with a bit of ease mind you – AFTER my husband called and made the trip up to the humane society.

Listen for the crickets

Jerry says I can be a bit tenacious, and that helped, I guess, I don’t know if I believe him after the weekend we had. However all was not in vain, we got our boy back intact last night. He was SO excited to see us, and we him. He’s a great, great dog. And I have resolved to spend more time with him. He needs us and we need him. Cammy was so happy her puppy was back, but she was also afraid he was gonna bump her. We gotta figure out a way to train him to be aware of his heavy arsed body. Once he launched her a clean two feet across a room into a wicker basket. We try to minimize the run ins.  He lugs around and bumps into everything, which is another reason I worry about having him in the house, but we’ll figure it out. He needs a shed-x first though, cause for a short haired dog he leaves a lot of hair around.

We took Jerry’s mom to the doctor to be admitted into the hospital last night, again I told you we just keep going and going and going, she wasn’t eating still and wouldn’t keep the food we tried to give her down, so we made the executive decision and spent a large part of our night in the ER. Getting home around three am to our happily free dog, and Spoken who came by from her apartment around the corner to let the dog in. That’s right Spoken got her apartment and we helped her move over the weekend. Yes it was that kind of weekend.
You have no idea how cool it is to miss your friends. She actually hasn’t been gone long enough to miss her however I’m really looking forward to the possibility, and things seem easier all around the house.

Any who – I’m about to hop on over to the this old house site, and see if I can figure out how hard its gonna be to replace all the molding in the house.  I’m thinking I hate painted wood. So I’m gonna try and resolve that.


Blogger CousinSarah said...

Wow girl...I mean wow. That is one of those weekends where you re like...did....i...actually BREAK for the weekend? Nope...worked right thru it.

Glad you got the dog back. Will keep Jerry's mom in my thoughts.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Marriage-101 said...

Wow, you have been busy!

3:32 PM  

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