Friday, July 15, 2005

Smallest BIG quandary

I have a small problem.....

I got married. That how ever is not the problem - it is the blessing. The problem is in choosing the most stress free way to pull that off - I created a new set of dilemmas for myself. I am happy, mind you, pleased about our life and the things we ahve chosen to do and all of that jazz. I have a wonderful group of friends. Mostly poets whom I don't see nearly as much as I would like, many of whom live out of state and travel extensively as poetry is thier lively hood. I am meeting and expanding my circle with my "blog-buddies" people who I know and love from our blog life (big up to Sarah, Blu, and CoPo my personal trilogy) But my local people want to celebrate with Jerry and I this happy event - and we are greatful, we have chosen to celebrate Aug. 27th with our family and friends. Alas one of my bestest friends wants me to move the date of or reception again (one day to a sunday ) so she can come - while this should be out of the question - if she was talking about another week it would probably have been more feasable but I can't move it to a Sunday - it kills travel for all of my non poet realitives- which is not possible alas most of theose are Jerry's family. I can't trade the travel possibilities of upwards of 10- 20 possible people for the guarenteed presence of one - no matter how much I wish she was there.
Besides in making my wedding dream come true Jerry scaraficed all of his families presence at our nuptuals. And I know how much that broke his heart, that his Mom and Dad wern't there., so this reception is more of an opportunity for Jerry to share this event nad his happiness with his family - Shoot most of my family was there (see photos here and blog recaps here and here) so for me the recpetion is about my friends who didn't get to go - and who if I could have paid for them to go I would have- Joe, Tonya, Starra, Spoken , TiTo, Poetry and Maury and perhaps a few others. But we could just kick it at the crib and get hte same effect. But my baby needs to be able to share this with his family - and while I love that he wouldn't let me compromise my dream to make more people involved - I won't compromise his desires on this. So contrary to sugguestion I won't be having a open house, I'm not simply going to do a dessert reception - but that sounds so simple (must be strong must not choose most easy way out!!! ) - I'm going to plan a whole event - ifin it kills me -I'll die Mrs Henderson and that's okay with me.


Blogger sonyared said...

Well, First off- I wanted to say Congratulations! I meant to say that before. Yes toward the end of your post , the answer came to light! yes be there for your man girl this is his chance and that was so beautiful of him to be there the way he was. I know u know what to do and I know it is tempting to take the easy wasy out...just be strong girl, gotta be , gotta be..LOL. Congrats on your special day and enjoy the next. Great pics too!

1:35 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

Hey girl, people who love you just have to understand. I know it must be a huge disappointment for your friend who cannot come. And Jerry is QUITE the man to have had his wedding when his folks were unable to attend. So, keep enjoying bein Mrs. Henderson. I mean, it is compromise that will help to keep things that way. Miss YA GUURRRL.

12:14 AM  

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