Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Honeymoons and other delightful pastries Vol. 2

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Okay – Our honeymoon was a very simple pleasure, an easy recipe as follows – a very expensive, lavish comfortable resort, afternoon rains and decadent ahhem “naps”, REALLY good food, wonderful beach time, playing billiards for diapers, sure hands coupled with a strong back – sleep and repeat until Thursday. We rode a glass bottom boat – avoided any activity that was too strenuous, read a few books and just enjoyed the company – I couldn’t have asked for a better time. We met some nice coules although the people weren’t nearly as cool as they were at Starfish – We did meet a couple who owns a restaurant near our home, and they told us about the big Propane gas plant explosion that happened promptly after we left the city for our vacation. Now, on our way out of the country our flight was overbooked so we got an extra night at the third resort of our stay Sunset Resort. It wanted to be like StarFish but it so wasn’t – the rooms were okay but the food was terrible we played pool though and saw the best sunset of the trip as it was always raining in Negril when the sun was setting. We met a cool guy while playing billiards he beat me a couple of times, although I gave him a good run for his money he jst caught a couple of good set up shots. Jerry started off spanking me at billiards then I got my rhythm and won all the diapers. We also had the best ahemm “sleep” – maybe it was something to do with knowing it was our last night – no extra nights no postponed flights; ironically we had to run through the airport at Charlotte to catch our connecting flight home, but we made it. Had some issues with our tenants air conditioning while we were far away but – that all worked out.

So in the words of Sug Avery – “I’z married now! I’z respectable!!!”

I will address some def poetry issues and some other poetry thoughts as this week flies on. Big ups to Bassey for hitting my comments – how did you even find my post?


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