Friday, June 17, 2005

Overheard on the internet

Some Bro's discussing Michale Jacksons trial ending: WHO BAD NOW MISTER
TheKillaCal: How do you feel about his post trial reaction? MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words can not express
my disapointment!
TheKillaCal: I expected at least a moonwalk myself ME TOO!!!
TheKillaCal: maybe a spin,if we were
lucky a crotch grab like he damn near
might as well have been guilty
TheKillaCal: that nigga didn't do SHIT!! i was that disappointed.... i mean... he went
nigga for the trail... he was getting there late n shit showed up in pj's n shit
AND house shoes nigga, tell me that
aint some niggardly shit
TheKillaCal: all he needed was a bucket of chicken;
or some ribs LOL you know?
rib stains on his t-shirt some chicken
grease on his glasses lol; but look tho if he was gonna go that niggarly for the
trail.. he could at least got his end zone celerbration on
RIGHT!!! walked out of the court room like
HHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! like in the bad video running around n
TheKillaCal: That's like TO giving the ball to the ref and walking to
the sideline!!! fuck yea!
TheKillaCal: I
thought he was gonna jump on the table and pull a crowbar out of his pants

P.S One of the guys was listening to the Bad album and was particularly moved by the line "your butt is mine...." How about HELLZ NAW!!!


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