Thursday, June 16, 2005

Locked and Loaded

Okay it's done and it cost too much to do. My hair is in the beginning stages of sister locks – a very very small version of a dread lock. Probably not the best thing to start a week before the wedding – but it will work. It was actually supposed to be a larger lock than I have, but you know how beauticians are – you get what they like. Reason #1 why I dislike beauty shops; it's nice to know they haven't changed in the 10 years I was in hair hiding.

Cammy busted her lip again - when that child bleeds its like it will never stop! She slipped and fell while I was on the portch and Jerry brought her to the door bleededing all over both of them. I surely almost lost my mommy mind. I don't do well with her blood on the outside of her body. I'm pretty good at handling anybody elses blood but Cammy's blood - we'll all do better if it stays in her body. I yelled at Jerry cause he was in the house with her. He said she was right there, I always thinks he gives her way too much credit as to what she can get her self out of and whats gonna end up with her bleeding all over his shirt. I swear when I go to Dallas I'm gonna wrap her in teflon and steel. Daddy's don't anaticipate like Mommies do, they love just as hard but they think the kid can do what ever the Daddy can do - or rather thinks they could do if they were two feel tall. Shes a Daddy's girl but i notice how she looks for me when shes mad or upset - she knows shes got me too. For further insight on the lip I think Jerry was working on a post - check out his blog here.

We got our rings yesterday too. I just absolutely love Jerry's ring. Its is so perfect for him. Mine is simple and delicate while pretty and strong at the same time. It's a lot of ring, makes me wonder if I should wear both my wedding ring and my engagement ring at the same time. Makes for a lot of metal on my hand at one time, probaly more jewelry than I have ever worn at any given point in my life. they are engraved and i like the idea of the thought on the inside of my ring - I wish you could have rings embossed so you can feel the words - but I can feel them anyway so thats alright.
Jerry's first fathers day is aproaching and I think he may not have any faith in my ability to think up gifts for him. I'll learn him!

Cammy's first birthday is shortly as well! See jerry's blog for tales of the Bear - as he will be dressing up and earning his worlds greatest dad ribbon the day before fathers day. She is getting too big too fast.

Anyway – As nervous as I am about the hair thing, I'm okay with trying it, and it can't be any worse than the nothing I've been doing with my hair for years. Jerry seems magnetically attracted to it when he first saw it and I guess that's always a good sign when they wanna touch it. I realize my posts have been a little less than enlightening but I'm tired and trying to get through this whole wedding/birthday/fathers day period I've got coming up. Pray for me; Its sure to be a doozie!


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