Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Countdowns, Shopping, Showers and love

It is a strangely peaceful time for me. My bridal shower was a few days ago. My mother, sister and aunt all put together a really cute fun afternoon with several friends and family members. I was surprised at some of the people who came, pleasantly of course. My friends made toilet paper stripper poles, dominatrix whips, purses and diamonds. It was a day to be remembered. I was honored to be reminded that these people love me. and we had a token male in To - Cam's godfather he came but alas did not strip. Ah well. My Brother was there but he's not quite the token male. He was mostly the caterer. My family makes the best rum punch on the planet and we will have to have it repeated at the reception. I give my word I will post pictures by the end of the week.  
The wedding itself is a week and four days away. I am not nervous. I'm feeling very sure about it, ready to go forward. Okay a little nervous. But I think that's good, since this isn't a small thing I am walking into, and it cannot be undone. I am so sure that this is what I God wants of us. Sure that this is what is right for us, what we want as well. I'm not excited about getting married - I'm excited to be his wife. So excited that I've taken shopping to a whole new level for us. I've lost my mind in the malls lately.Baby Gap should know me by name and I probably should have courtesy charge cards sent to me from 3/4th of the mall to ensure my total submission to the mall. I bought too many outfits for Cammy, not enough practical items for Jerry and my self and I still need to pick up basics like socks and underwear. Those things and a few pair of shorts and we should be good to go.
We bought luggage. A nice practical set of four pieces that should serve us well in the next few months. A very adult purchase as we are no longer packing in Adidas and Army duffel bags and JanSport book bags. Jerry was not convinced that it was a practical purchase - he also thought a old office desk from 1972 was going in my living room. Ummm.... how 'bout no?
Cammy's birthday party is this weekend. We are looking forward to that. and I'll post pictures of that too. Jerry's dressing up like Bear in the Big Blue house -Priceless.



Anonymous Copasetic Soul said...

wow, pretty soon you will be able to say, "I's married, I's married now. congrads on doing the dang thing. i feel you about the luggage
but whats wrong with a 1972 desk? they are much sturdier than the desk made today! a pic of your man in a Teddy bear suite, priceless!

6:15 PM  

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