Sunday, July 03, 2005

32 oz Mai Tai

Originally uploaded by raquita.
Jerry shown here with his two best menand another guy Justin who gotmarried - he's fromDallas. Jerry drank several 32 oz Mai tais, and Bahama Mamas this was night one just wantedto post the proof - for Adams sake if noone else!


Anonymous CopaseticSoul said...

i aint mad at the brother....i would have gotten my sip on as well.....Party on dude!!!

2:12 AM  
Anonymous keisha said...

hey i'm only fourteen and i loved the Russel Simmons def poetry really matured me a lil..i loved alicia keys she really was in to it but when she was done i thinked she trippied a lil bit but that show is awesome!!!

2:12 PM  
Anonymous shyguy said...

Good lord did I just get jealous...Mai Tai's, jamaica, friends, that a tear....well if it was i would never admit it!!! Congrats again you two!!!

6:39 PM  

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