Monday, July 11, 2005

Ode to Cereal

This girl who blogs said:

I happened to look inside the cereal box this morning and was sad. There was an advertisement for a four-piece scissor set you can send away for. How adult. And how cheap!

What happened to prizes in cereal boxes?? I don't want reminders that I'm a grown up! I want cheap plastic cartoon characters already IN my cereal box! I want color-change spoons. Matchbox cars. Sticky stretchy things sealed in plastic. Candy! Stickers! Lick 'n press tattoos! Tiny boats with rubber band powered motors! Trading cards! Is this too much to ask?? And I wanna dig for it. I wanna stick my arm down in that box and pretend I'm on Double dare! I wanna fling oat and corn and sugar all over the room 'till I get what's coming to me! I wanna earn my prize! Ooh - Ooh - or I wanna pour the whole box into my bowl until the prize lands on top of the pile! My sifted treasure! NO - I wanna HANG the box from the ceiling, put on a blindfold, and go pinata style on it with a baseball bat!

Then, I'm gonna play with the prize until I rip or break it - or until I get bored - which actually takes the same amount of time if you think about it...

And then I will look for another cereal box!!!

And I agree with her.... Lst time I checked they wre giving away PDA's what kid needs a PDA from out of a cereal box?!?!?!


Blogger sonyared said...

Hi, I was reading your blog and it is sad to say....Nothing is the way it used to be anymore. You are absolutley right about being dissapointed about the cereal boc whack prize. Fa real now! who wants scizzors, people want colorful sparkly things and cartoonish objects. Yup things sure have changed from back in the days..If I find any interesting cereals I'll blog you and let you know.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Pariah said...

Ah back when people still ate Super Frosted Sugar Crunch Berry Chocolate Bombs for breakfast and anything other than whole milk tasted like water. Breakfast never consisted of just 1 bowl of cereal.2 bowls were the minimum and 3 was average. And, cereal could not be consumed without cartoons(usually Heckle and Jeckle or Bugs Bunny) Now I eat plain unsweetened oatmeal made with water in silence. I wonder what that says about me...

4:32 AM  

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