Saturday, July 09, 2005

When blogging becomes real

Well I've had the most entertaining weekend - so far- I finally got to meet Cousin Sarah - like we've been blogging for years and never met - its been more realistically a couple of months. And it was truly an honor. She is a VERY good poet. A little nervous but her content was awesome. But I think she has an inkling of that or perhaps like me she wouldn't be signing lists if didn't think she could hang, and I KNOW she can hang anywhere. She got me out of the house and to my home spot so I must say thank you for that. We got to talk and hang - although I was late as I am usually to Legacy so I couldn't sit with her - Like I warned her, all the seats were gone by ten - figures. But she is a really cool lady. The kind of person I would hang out with regularly - would be my poetry buddy, the kind of person I would write with, cause she beleives in the writing, the person I would run to new spots with - I sure hope she moves to St Louis.
We were out on the parking lot doing the "I hate to go home" thing that poets do - my crew was playing frisbee for poets sake - and we were talking about all the things poets like:

1. you know your a poet when you wake up in the middle of the night to write something that has just come to you - and you write it in the dark as to not wake up your significant other, but that means you are writing all carefull in your half sleep delusions leaving big gaping spaces between the lines and praying you can read it in the morning -and it makes sense.

2. or you need to write down the line that has come to you but you can't find any paper so you write it on ANYTHING a napkin, a paper bag , your leg, toilet paper anything ink will stay on? but not your hand cause you know you'll wipe it off absent mindly?

3. Or the free style you know is the hottest shit you should be writing down but you don't remember that you can't remember shit untill you've gone about three stanzas in and in your run to find papaer and pen you forget the whole damn thing anyway?

I don't know about you but these moments happen way too often for me. But I had a very good time at legacy. I stayed and talked to Spoken until 1:40 am and I realised how much I missed the scene. I know why I stoped going. I asked after those people most regularly involved with my unease - heard they are holding on but restructuring, didn't hear about a few others apparently they've held on as well from a few e-mails I've received. I know why I stopped going but the people and the faces and the poetry don't seem like a fair enough trade so I'm pretty sure I'll be going out more often - possibly not as hard core - I'm sure not as hard core as I used to. But just making the decission makes me feel better about writing. That there will be people to share with. Now I just need to get the fifteen notebooks I got poems in together and write maybe ONE whole new peice - that's my goal for this weekend. Who knows if I'll make it. Got baby stuff to take care of this weekend and yard stuff and other wife stuff. I like wife stuff. Like being the wife. i'm still getting used to this whole husband and wife thing- if I call him my boyfriend one more time..... anyway.

anyway I thinkI'm going to take Blus lead and write a Hakui or rather a senryu on each post from here out.

Pens dry emotions
like old ink wells refill not
just buy a new pen


Blogger Accidental Poet said...

well isn't that a cool idea - a Haiku per post. I can't see myself managing it ..but it's still a cool idea.

2:28 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

Man I had a blast last night. AlTHOUGH--my folks dont live where they did when I lived here and I got my ass lost in EAST ST LOUIS last night tryin to get back home...i will fill you in when we talk. I was in the car hollerin' "THIS IS HOME, HOW THE HELL AM I LOST AT HOME!!" But that south county crap threw me off... I mean I knew I was headed to East Saint once I was on the highway, JUST DIDNT KNOW HOW I ENDED UP TO THAT PART OF THE HIGHWAY. I was a tad traumatic tho. :)
I felt the same way...when I saw you dancin and actin silly I thought to myself...I could really hang with that sister....we could get in lots of trouble together. LOL and our parking lot discussion only further confirmed as we created verbal illustration of perfect contraptions for the chestly endowed! :) Thank you so much for just making me feel comfortable in the new enviornment. Still working on the confidence so seriously...very humble thanks for the compliments. Sometimes I feel really ok with my stuff and other times I am like what is this..particularly in the vacintity of great poets. And there were some good ones last night. You also have some beautiful words. You have the rare talent of bring sensation to words so that the audience can see them, feel them, taste them...whatever you are describing. I only know a few other poets with that particular style of writing and I love it. Life poets I call them. My girl 13 is one for sure. And so are you.
I am really hopin to move home too. (I think you and I could do some things for us folks who do it for the love of writing. :) Great minds.) I at least know that there will be some wonderful connections waiting for me already once I get here...the cosmos and God do work well together. So thank you much for the friendship last night. I very much enjoyed it. I got to meet Impact which I had heard some about...Bob to the rhythm of the starving artist was a HOT piece. Stephanie...wonderful, loved her stuff and I liked the brother's piece who hosted at the end...the piece he chose to start off with by another poet was also just a tight choice. And MAN the brother on the drums...I wrote all this in Copasetic's and will likely write it in my own blog...that brother was SICK WIT IT!! Seriously. And Brother Ting was also a pleasure to hear. Aside from C ooooo ooooo L, what's that spell, LOL, there were some great poets. Ones I look forward to getting to know better. I really enjoyed meeting Spoken, she too seems like she could keep a girl laughin for a minute.

Other things poets do...

Try to write and drive cause you saw something that inspired you.
Hope you dont wreck tryin to get it down.

Mom poets will write some shyt in yellow crayon cause it was the only thing around....and again hope to be able to read it.

My phone voice memo thing has several stanzas from peices...sometimes it just has to do. (more effecient when the driving/writing thing comes up)

Hear one sound, smell one scent and push people out of the way to get something written down cause it has come to you like a tornado in that moment and disappear from everyone for like 30 minutes cause it started a serious flow.


11:25 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

p.s. I DID get your message but had the phone on vibrate and didnt get it till just a bit ago...didnt know how late the newlyweds stay up :) WIll call tomorrow!

11:25 PM  

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