Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ducktales Whoo hoo!

Okay any child of the eighties had to watch and love ducktales- cause Scrooge McDuck was the penny pinchin man!!! Spoke perfect english with that lovely scottish accient - how is it that all that money couldn't have gotten Donald some speech thearapy? Anyway - You didn't have to love Huey , Duey and Louie they were brats anyway, (Donald and Daisey's love children cause you know they was getting it on - Dasiey didn't even wears panties - at least Minnie wore the little ruffley panties even if neither of them wear pants. But Donald didn't either -maybe thats just how they got down...anyway) But Launchpad Mcquack made his apprearence way before Darkwing Duck hit- and Mrs Beakly?!?! Gyro Gearloose?!? he could put McGyver to shame and so to honor one of my afterschool staples I have found the history of Duckberg - becasue we all should know our geographical cartoon history.

holla at your girl - yes I still shoot a free throw like a squatting duck -and I love mallards - and I do eat the duck at chinese places. WHAT! :)


Blogger CousinSarah said...

LOL--they do NOT make cartoons like they used that is for sure. Some of the stuff J wants to watch I am not really feelin...but every now and then he will watch the house of mouse which leads me to be slightly sentimental. Sorry I didnt get to call you today...been doin so much with Mom. Man I miss her when I am gone. Wish you knew to miss your folks like this when you were young so you dont waste so much time as a kid. :) I will call tomorrow for sure tho'. :)

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Copaseticsoul said...

ducktails was the shyt....that and pinky and the brain. i was in front of the TV faithfully!! im with cousinsarah, the new cartoons suck!!

2:03 AM  

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