Monday, July 11, 2005

The sisterhood of the traveling pants to Madagascar

Life lesson #63255 – infants like cartoons – not live action –
Life Lesson #63256 - if you kid will watch live action at home – they will not watch said live action in a movie theatre

My kid is hilarious.

Okay I took Cammy with me with a girlfriend to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She normally does pretty well in adult situations, ummmm… how about not today?
She was dead set on talking to the girls on screen, and ironically this movie we had to hunt down was actually full, I thought it’d be empty – which was why I avoided fantastic 4 and Batman and all the other block busters, clearly that didn’t work – So Cammy and I left a few times and went to see Madagascar – the animated cartoon, where I got my first understanding of my girl as a person. Not as my kid - but as a I know what I want – little person. Apparently she really liked the idea of the giant cartoon way more than she liked the idea of giant teenagers (thank God for small favors hopefully she keep that mentality until she safely past teen angst) and proceeded to leave the Sister hood theatre and go to Madagascar. It was hilarious. I of course wanted to see the movie I paid for and so – my movie plot went something like this….

The girls introduce themselves and tell how the come across the pants decide the pants should travel with each of them this summer. And the pants head to Greece – then the zebra convinces the lion to leave the zoo headed for the WILD, and the jump on a boat with some penguins, a hippo and a giraffe. They make it to a tropical island and everybody is hungry and the lion keeps dreaming everybody is a steak and wakes up licking the zebras leg- then the really forward girl is at soccer camp and is coming on way too hard to this older guy and she dangerously close –I think to costing him is job – I never quite got that plot line down – cause the little monkey like animals are trying to convince themselves and everyone else including the lion that he won’t eat them all – despite the fact he hasn’t had any meat in days and isn’t fond of pineapple.

Anybody see a trend here?

So clearly to clean up my little mental marriage of movies I’m going to have to see them both. And NOT take Cammy to see the Sisterhood again. Although I do think I’ll take her to see Madagascar again. My girlfriend was a great sport. Even though the car battery died (I think I left the lights on – okay I know I did.) and she actually watched the movie alone., Cammy and I watched what little we did get to see from the hall way for easy get a way access when tantrums were threatening. We actually sat in seats for Madagascar. Then we went to grab a bite to eat, and Ramon’s Macaroni Grill where Cammy decided she wanted to sit and talk to the young white ladies in the booth a few steps over from us. They were very polite – picked her up and talked to her – thought she was so cute ect.. gotta figure out how to break that strangers are cool thing. She is the cutest thing and most people think shes a sweet heart – but I have to remember some people aren’t kid friendly – like the old fart who was upset that my child talked AT ALL in the movie. DUDE shes a kid that’s what they do – she’s legal before five at a movie – so GET OVER IT. I had to bless him and excuse him before I went off. Cammy took out her pacifier and yelled at him – followed him and yelled. It was hilarious.

She is going to be – or is rather – quite the young woman.

beauty too young hers
to be timeless she is new
though our love is old


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