Wednesday, July 13, 2005

St.Louis - is just like Compton....Tag from Mo'Browne

yes that is a quote from NWA- I am a child of the eighties and I liked gansta rap before I knew too many in black america would take it seriously anywayMo had this funny ass list about NY on her blog and issued a challengeto we who live else where to write one about our cities... This is my list about St. Louis...

You know you're from St Louis when....

You say you are from the Lou when you are really from a suburb 45 minutes away - (yes I'm talking to you St. Peters)

You only go to the Arch when dragged by out of town guests and you won't ride up you just wait at the bottom for them to come out.

you haven't been to the Zoo, Art Museum, Magic house, Butterfly house or any other tourist spot since grade school - and always say ther is nothing to see in St Louis.

Nelly is still Cornell to you and is not the citys most shining star to you ; Tina Turner is .

You know where the walk of Fame is in St.Louis

If you are white you go to Busch Stadium; if you 're black you don't -unless the tickets were free-most likely from work.

you know there is a rail system -you've seen it from the highway

Highway Farty, herre, Thurr, Myrk, prencyl, and pryckle all sound perfectly okay to you

Your friends from New York and LA think your 700 a month apartment is a steal - you know you're getting ripped off

you know where East Boogie is - and can only get to the strip club and back without getting lost

Forest Park is not Spectacular to you - its just grass ; unless you live in the city - then its beautiful

You keep trying to stay out past 2 am but NOTHING stays open but Denny's

You love toasted ravioli with Budweiser beer.

Beer is Budweiser… Period

You believe St. Louis is the beer capital of the world (well it is isn’t it?)

"Vacation" is a choice between Silver Dollar City and Lake of the Ozarks.

Road trip is Six Flags or Worlds of Fun.

You can find Pestalozzi Street by aroma alone.

You can get anywhere in 20 minutes, except on highway 40.

You can debate for 30 minutes whether Missouri Baking or Marge Amighetti makes the best Italian bread.

You know what "Party Cove" is, and where the "lake" is.

You still can't believe the Arena is gone. (makes me sick every time I pass those damn Office buildings)

Your first question to a new person is, "Where did you go to High School?"

Your non-St. Louisan friends always ask if you're aware there is no "r" in "wash."

You know in your heart that Mizzou can beat Nebraska in football, and Illinois and Kansas in Basketball

You think the four major food groups are Beef, Pork, Budweiser and Imo's.

You know there are really only three salad dressings: Imo's, Zia's and Rich and Charlie's.

You'll pay for your kid to go to college unless they want to go to KU. ( SO TRUE!!)

You would rather have a root canal without anesthetic than drive on Manchester on a Saturday afternoon.

It just doesn't seem like a wedding without mostaciolli. AND YOU PRONOUNCE IT 'MUSKACHOLLI'. The balance of the menu is ham, fried chicken, boiled roast beef, string beans with ham and of course pitchers of Busch Bavarian (class weddings have Bud)

You know, within a three-mile radius, where another St. Louisan grew up as soon as they open their mouth.

You know what a Pork Steak is...and what kind of sauce to put on it!

Everyone in your family has floated the Meramec River at least once.

A hoosier is someone that lives just south of Chouteau, not a person from Indiana.

You've said, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."

Your favorite summer treat is handed to you upside-down

You bleed Blue between September and May

You think Missouri is pronounced with an "ah" at the end

You know that Concordia is halfway between Kansas City and Columbia, and Columbia is halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City, and Warrenton outlet mall is halfway between Columbia and St. Louis.

You think Imo's is larger than Pizza Hut

There are only two R&B stations and one Rap station at ANY given time on the radio no matter what city in Missorui you are in

You know enough to get your driving done early on Sundays before the Sunday drivers come out

So when you movin'?


Blogger sonyared said...

Wow, I am from the NYC and I just have to go to St. Louis, that was freakin' hillarious! Is it really as interesting and crazy as it sounds?

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO its not... I'm from the Lou but i now stay way out in St. Peters. i hate it out here!!! But girl you are so right on your list!!! i thought that was funny... i still don't know what Party Cove is.. i had to ask my white hubby and he told but I'm still clueless!!!!

7:49 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

I am movin EEEEMMEDIATELY!! Now see, I just got home, have already been ready to turn around and fly back and then you write this. LOL. YES MAM! ALL OF IT! Imo's pizza was the invention of men blessed by God. It is my favorite one of the things I miss from home. Yes, a root canal with no anesthetic while having a pap and your eyebrows waxed all at the same time to avoid Manchester on Saturday...or just about anyday for that matter. "What high school did you go to?" is the introductory question for everyone isnt it? :) I have said more than one time while living here in Texas I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THERE IS ONE HIGHWAY TO GO TO TWO MAJOR CITIES, Austin and San Antonio, I cannot adequately descibe the traffic here without a long line of the Lou, aside from 40, you can get anwyhere in 20 minutes, and at least you can take 40 to one of the other 4 major highways that can take you where you need to go. Aside from the strip club, you can ALSO get to the casino and back without getting lost.

One of the things you forgot on the list. When someone proposes to build yet ANOTHER stadium, we are for it, despite the fact we have no NBA team, we never think that you can have too many stadiums.

Herrre, Theerrre, loved hearing it at the spot the other night.

Keep takin me home Q, and I will keep applyin. :)

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Copasetic Soul said...

yo Mo, that was funny shyt and so very true!!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Mahogany L. Browne said...

dat was hilarious! lmao

12:21 AM  

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