Monday, September 25, 2006

Its his party and he'll drink Sake if he wants to

Yes I know – THREE POSTS in one day… sue me

How can one weekend hold so many different extremes?
We threw a party for Adam, which ended up costing twice the budgeted amount, however, we also had forty five people show up. I was expecting twenty to thirty so so I guess if twice the people show up , you can’t really be surprised about twice the cost now can you?
My husband is a joy, he did everything I asked of him, every little thing. All weekend. I was up for a full cycle, cooking and getting the food together, shopping and shopping and shopping. If I never see the inside of a grocery store ever again. We were up until six am with guests   Okay I fell out from eleven to five but I got back up to close out the last few guests. Cammy was a princess. She, as usual wowed everybody. She ate an obscene amount of chocolate and cookies, and cake.
It was 45 of someone else’s closest friends. But they were truly great people, except for Gringo. He was an arse. But outside of that my house was clean, so clean if fact that people who come by weekly were stunned. Which I don’t know was a compliment or not, anyway, Jerry got the upstairs very, very presentable, moldings painted and halls and stairs (thanks Spoken) and I made THREE GIANT MEAT LASANGAS and a big ole vegetarian lasagna, Bread, German chocolate cake, and cupcakes  which ironically was just enough to feed everyone who wanted to eat. There was good music and good conversation, and this guys great kids you can’t ask for a better evening. Why does he get the shout out? Cause his kids brought me flowers, which was so sweet.
I am still a bit tired, but it went very well, my hubby and his best friend were happy and that was the ultimate goal. Jerry was nervous about throwing the party in the beginning but he is always glad we did after so, I’m glad it went as well as it did.
Cammy threw the tantrum of all tantrums on Sunday. It was the first time she has ever just screamed for the sake of not getting her way, and I am proud of us we didn’t bend, we went through it – me not so gracefully, but we did it.
And now we have to start planning this weeks, dinner menu, and this months next home renovation plan. We’ve gotten a lot of the painting done, and the molding and baseboards, we gotta a little ways to go, but I’d like to have our bedrooms moved up stairs by Thanksgiving. Wish us luck!  


Blogger Akilles said...

Thanks, you're sweet. They did ok - tho were plenty tired by the time we got Dre home.

Excellent doesn't come close to skimming the galactic spiral arm of how kind you and Jerry were to have us invade your home.

And yes, Cammy is a princess.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Enlightened ONE said...

good luck, wish i had a super hubby to help me with all the renovation. hell where can i buy one of those.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Spoken said...

I'm not cooking anymore till Christmas. maybe Thanksgiving if I get a present. Other thatn that Your party went really well, glad I could help. (insert girlish affection here) Okay, that's enough.

12:19 AM  
Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

nothing wrong with a good party. can i get an invite to the next one?

12:55 AM  

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