Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Okay I just heard the new Janet single So Excited..

And I’d just like to say, Janet’s in the BUILDING!!!


Now if she would just make sure the video isn’t all whack like Call on me was, (and no I'm not hating cause nelly was in it, it was just not cute.) we might be making a comeback for ya!

I was a massive Janet fan in middle and highschool, probably sinceI was like ten or twelve.
and While I'm not all about every magazine and every single (althoguh I do still like to get the imports) i do enjoy her work, when its not whack. And she can get so artsy it can get whack real quick. but when shes on, she can shut Britney, beyonce and the rest of them right on down.

And I think I like he ran JD together, she hasn't been this happy, shoot, ever. And thats a good thing.

come on Janet- bring it.


Blogger Copasetic Soul said...

hell, i could have made janet happy. but why does that picture look fake? is it me or does her head appears altered?

whatever the case, sista looks good!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous chelle said...

I have not heard it yet. I feel like she got the shaft with the super bowl thing so I hope she rises above!

11:29 PM  

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