Monday, July 25, 2005

The Beauty of New Eyes

Yesterday, was a good day. A nice Sunday cap to good weekend. It didn’t start off that way and I’m not sure how it ended up on the good side of my viewfinder - but hey. Quick recap. I didn’t make it to the poetry spot I so wanted to go to Friday– because I was stressing over the bad money management moments that seem to plague my other wise perfect relationship, and ended up going to bed WAY too early, then spent Saturday morning fixing said problem like we always do – together. Spent the rest of the day playing with the baby – avoiding the killer St. Louis summer heat, working on a family web site, making my heart let go of a poetry site idea I’ve wanted to experiment with, and hanging out with my kid brother and his boyfriend and the happy people who randomly show up regularly at my home and watching You Got Served for the Zillionth, Kagillionth time.
Sunday started the way more should, though the last few have for us, we got up and went to church. Not our church – as we don’t know where our home church should be at this point. Our previous church was too big – we just got lost in the shuffle, I need to know the people I’m worshiping with, feel comfortable about their influence on my child and my home, and not need to go through three or four levels of associate pastors before I can talk to my pastor about an issue, however my family’s church is too small – my family’s church being the church I grew up – most consistently in and was the church I attended on this Sunday with my young small family. After some good morning family drama with my brother- we went to church – and while it was nice to be there with my family – I’m not getting anything at all in the form of teaching (my primary reason for not staying there is this – not the size) so I’m pretty sure we are gonna have to find a another worship home, although I have yet to discuss this with hubby – I guess he’ll tell me what he thinks after her reads this blog.
We left church and went home did some minor straightening up and changed clothes and we went to the four o’clock UniverSoul circus which was in St. Louis this week.
It was by far the most enjoyable experience we could have had as a family. My mom, sister, my moms friend and my two god sisters went with us, and Cammy had the best time. We had more fun watching her and her reaction to everything from the light shows on the roof of the tent to the Stilt Walkers and dancers which she really enjoyed to the contortionist Lunga that Jerry and every other straight man in the tent gave a standing O to, to the brother and sister pole act which twirled the sister BY HER HAIR – that about did it for me that and the guys on the wheel of death. My Daughter had her mouth formed into a permanent O the whole time. She sang and danced and easily had more fun than any other kid in our immediate view. She tried to mimmick the dancers, she looked like she was gonna figure out how to do all of the things she saw. We they sang – she sang – when they did call and response – well she responded with heart and gusto! .Our whole section found great amusement in her reaction to all the newness around her. They say you learn things and get to experience things for the first time through your childs eyes, that was never more true than it was today. Jerry’s eyes too since he had never been to a circus before either. She made me forget every less than stellar thing that happened in my life before walking into that circus tent and watching her little eyes just sparkle and sing and dance made my whole life.
You ever just know that someone is the perfect embodiment of fate and destiny and Gods will? Its moments like these that let me know God has a plan, and I have followed well enough, I must have to be blessed with a family such as these.

What are some things you remember doing as a kid or remember doing with your kids?

Amendment to A Past Post

Okay a while ago I noted my pleasure in Usher for learning to make sound business decisions, I now retract my former positive statements about said kncklehead. Why? you ask? A few weeks ago I heard a story about how he bought a very expesive watch. How expensive? $1,ooo,000. ONE MILLION dollars. Okay I was gonna let that one slide - until I saw a picture of said gaudy peice of jewelry. See here:

all I have to say about that is- "You stupid Cole." big ups to Leon for posting the picture. I'm mad at his momma for not slapping some sense into his ass. I'm sure he had to sign one of those stupid ass things I'm about to do clauses that his management team has for stupid purchases. I mean - what is that a red beard of diamonds under his chin? And who needs to see them selves profiled in diamonds. If you thought he was conceited before - have no doubts about it now.


Blogger Dee said...

I have great memories of the circus as a kid!!! My boys don't really like it as much which makes me sad....I wonder what good memories they have so far...I'll have to ask when I get home tonite!!

4:24 PM  
Blogger Pariah said...

arrrgh, that watch alone could get all my shit out of the pawnshop!

3:16 AM  
Anonymous Copa.... said...

watching a child, age 2-5, marvel in awe of the circus is priceless. my daughter loved the circus and i loved watching her. hell, watching grown folks in awe of the circus can be fun to.

no comment on the watch

10:47 AM  

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