Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"And All The Children Are Above Average..."

I found this blog by Dr.Sanity who spoke about an article I found in Odd News today - I'm posting his thoughts then mine.... none of them should fail according to professional teachers:

The Professional Association of Teachers will be told at its meeting next week that the label of failure could undermine pupils' enthusiasm.

Delegates will also hear a condemnation of the phrase "happy slapping". (NOTE: they want to condemn the words--not the action??)

The term is used to describe bullying where assaults are filmed on mobile phones.

Liz Beattie, a retired teacher, will call on the association's annual gathering in Buxton, Derbyshire, to "delete the word 'fail' from the educational vocabulary to be replaced with the concept of 'deferred success'".

She argues that repeated failure, such as in exams, can damage pupils' interest in learning.
So we begin to see why editors and journalists believe we should never use that awful word "terrorist" and should select less pejoritive words (wouldn't want to hurt their poor feelings, would we?) to decribe them! Perhaps we can refer to suicide bombers as "deferred living specialists" so as not to damage their interest in life, perhaps?

Well, if you want to truly damage pupils' interest and enthusiasm in learning --not to mention their genuine self-esteem --then parents should encourage this kind of tripe in their local schools.

As our children's education is taken over more and more by the guardians of multiculturalism and the priests of political correctness, we parents can happily watch as student scores drop even further and further into the toilet, secure in the knowledge that at least their self-esteem hasn't suffered from the trials and tribulations of objective reality. If we are really really lucky, they will remain children their whole life and simply defer success entirely!

This nonsensical and not-so-subtle attempt at political correctness which distorts language and thus distorts the ability to think rationally, is just what our children need, don't you think?

A modest suggestion: if you want to keep kids interested in school, give them an intellectual challenge and some good teachers who live in the same world you and I inhabit. Do not--I repeat, do not--give them teachers who are so dim that they are willing to sacrifice Truth and Reality on the altar of feel-good, happy talk.
And I so agree its not even funny - I swear if Cammy's teachers start talking blabbing about changing grades from F's because its damaging to the kids i'm pulling her out day one. Now while I don't feel the word Terrorist is used properly in all cases I remember when people who rose against oppresive government wern't called Terrorists, I think that is a convient title used by media and politicians like W to scare the public into what ever box they want to keep us in. Anyway back to my point about stupid people- being politically correct should not be every persons goal - I admit teaching your childern proper social skills is necessary so they don't get the shiznit knocked out of them for calling some one out of their name or purposely being insulting but everything doesn't need to change and for the most part people are simply to godD##@ sensitive. Instill in young people a solid sense of self and be comfortable in who they are. Teach your kids how to read and study, teach your kids that half hearts don't beat, teach your kids how to ask questions and question authority, how to be leaders and not followers; teach them out history and gloss over the 90's cause they about sucked. But don't pacify them and that's what this kind of change is attempting to do - pacifyers are for infants and toddlers who don't go to school. And that's all I have to say about that
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Blogger CousinSarah said...

Sister, we were seperated at birth, I become more and more sure of it. I just got out of training today where we discussed how we are going to train our RA's about diversity as they are the ones in the forefront creating inclusive communities that all students can civily reside in. SO, where I am is we need to have real coversations. White kids check out cause they feel like "yes, I know, all white people are the evil doombringers of america, we know" and we dont talk about why they feel that way and if they really want to be as open as they say they are because they watch MTV and BET, how will you get past the checking out when conversation comes up. Minority groups are like, thanks, but these methods just further tell us we are oppressed (becasue we just continue to do various of previous educational activities because we invest in words but no actual resources or experience to provide new mothods of real education) which we already knew by the way and there is no new conversation or growth as everyone leaves like "that was pointless"

I seriously am disturbed sometimes workin in higher ed by the lack of drive, initiative, desire to grow. Personally, professionally, and adacemically. Now that is brood statement but there is a general feeling of being pacified, that just getting by is adequate. Those types of things mentioned: dumbing down exams, not failing people...truth is, you fail in life. We as educators are failing if we are refusing to teach you that it occurs and how to recover and move on when it happens. makes real life a rude awakening. There is a place for civility, where it is a responsibility to understand how you may upset or offend people, but political correctness has replaced the ideal of blindess in my opinion. I could go on and on about this. Too much of the results of this kind of thought are reflected each day as I work with these young freshmen. It really does them a disservice and leaves them ill prepared for the world.

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