Tuesday, July 19, 2005

How old are you anyway?

Okay this weekend was - interesting to say the least. My mom got us to host a fight party - which anyone who knows us hosting a party isn't an issue - but typically all of our friends just wanna hang they aren't really boxing people - alas my sister, her fiance - the famos Peet, Bora - jerry's best friend and another guy we'll call Hakeem, my buddy Joe and his girl Gigi, and later Bora's girl all gather for an evening of Mexican food and boxing goodness. While preparing the food I am listening to our local radio station Majic 104.9 www.kmjm.com (they have a online listening stream if you want to hear how dated I'm about to go)and I swear they played every JAM I could think of - not to mention I spent the whole day cleaning to the 80's music station on DISH, which brought me to one conclusion - I AM WAY OLDER THAN I THOUGHT I WAS, and on top of that all the presets in my car are clearly wrong - I can just erase that little hippity hoppity station cause I spend way more time ranting about song content than I do enjoying song selection. Fo real i was jammin out to Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen and Luther's Creep, (four times creep creep creep creep )Babyface - For The Cool In You - I mean why is my favorite box set the Funk Box? and who ever jacked me for it is gonna pay if it don't turn up before I come out another fourty dollars to get a new one. I actually own El Debarge - On vinyl!! My brother don't know jack about Levert just like I can't tell my daddy about the O'Jays. LL rocked a few cuts like Hey lover with Boys to Men before they were WACK AS HELL! Prince was the man cause I got my first sex ed watching Purple Rain. And Mint condition is still the bomb- (see me croonig Pretty brown eyes) When whitney was not a crack head/reality TV charater. Man - I'm not as young as I thought I was. And I think i'm okay with that.


Blogger Pariah said...

I still have my old Gap Band cassettes and I got excited as hell when Charlie Wilson put out a new song. Man Quita, now I feel old again :(

4:56 PM  
Blogger Dee said...

Hey 1st time here!!! My kids remind me how old I am....
I feel you...I luv the oldies....thank God cable has a variety of stations that play real music!!!

I am an old school hip-hop head too...emphasis on "old school" Having a teenager (17) I get to listen to a lot of stuff I don't really care for but hearing it 156,987,368,876 times coming from his room....my girlfriends tease me when we go out...."Dee how do you know that song"? Gurl....y'all know I have a teenager..LOL

5:59 PM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

girl--it is wierd how we vibe sometimes. I wrote my R&B post before I came over here....hahaha...so you have begun the task. I know that dish SIRIUS radio thing is THE BOMB...if you can get the heart and soul station...well you know you called while I was sweepin to Im Every Woman at my mom's...lol. I know what you mean. I have tapes in some places...i am afraid in all my moves I have lost a box of them for which I will be so broken hearted. I mean when you hear some songs, you are just there. That is part of the reason I fell in love with the DJ at Legacy. HE CAN SPIN!

2:17 AM  
Blogger sonyared said...

Oh! I am sure they played some Frankie Beverly and Maze up on there too...you know that is the #1 jam always played "Before I let go". That's cool, I have Billy Ocean on my MP3 right now. Yes Dee said it right! I listen to my R&B classics on the cable music stations too, as well as Hip-Hop.I am a huge music lover so I can go on with a list for days. Luther, Gap Band, E,W&F, El Debarge, oh somebody help me...glad you got to hear what I call "real music"..I don't know what you would call music today..anybody?

10:24 AM  

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