Wednesday, November 02, 2005

when your mom blogs

Loving your mother

My mother and I are quite a quandary. She had me when she was young, a freshly 17- I was a week late birthday present. She was my best friend for a long time then Puberty hit and hormones (I’m blaming the hormones – don’t push it) made me a psycho teen - those hormones didn’t settle until I was twenty-ish, but had done the expected damage. She says left I said right, Her up, my down. Never see eye to eye anymore, even now it doesn’t happen often, although not a violently ying and yang as we used to be.  I always thought my sister was her favorite. They like to do all the girly things together – I wanted to do the girly thing – I was just never comfortable. Still have never learned how to do my own hair.  Anyway when my parents separated, I expected my mom to.. well I don’t know what I expected. But in giving birth and raising my own daughter it often makes me look at my mother in a new mom light.
I understand a lot more why she is who she is, and I am learning more and more about her as a person. At 28, my age mind you,  our relationship dips into the friendship mode and that’s a sticky place at best when you get along with your mom. When your relationship teeters like a see saw between pretty good, alright and I’m gonna leave now, friendship can be… difficult.  Besides in being friends with the women you grew up to hold and admire in such selective reverence, you tend to learn things about them you really would have never guessed. You know when your mom/auntie/grandma/godma/inset authority figure here gives TMI and you are like ‘Whoa – I don’t want to, well - not respond cause I want us to be able to talk on this level but – pray tell what do I say to that?’ You know you been there. I know I still have so much growing to do, which she likes to point out every now and again. I speak about my mom because she has told me she has started to blog, which is kinda cool, she also stated that she reads mine, and I wonder how much of it has she read… she never comments – she’s working on being technically advanced and sometimes it’s the simple things that will get her – when you put your thoughts out there – you certainly run the risk of actual real people you know in your real life reading it and figuring out which fake name is theirs and causing some hurt feelings, I’ve yet to use my mom in blog history so – I’m pretty safe so far. As soon as I figure out what her blog address is I’ll let you guys know. It should be interesting to say the very least.

Things that I love that I shouldn’t admit lest you think I’m a dork:

ChocoCat – Hello Kittys dark alter ego – seriously
Lip Gloss and makeup – really
CD’s I use to be a junkie – but in trying to be responsible I only drool and don’t buy
Scrapbooking – It is my most Caucasian hobby but I really enjoy it.
I like kissing my kids stinky feet cause it makes her laugh
Dressing Cammy up
I love when Jerry talks to me in his sleep as says silly stuff like “The dolphin just tackled me!” He really said that
Mall walking
Elton John’s song Benny and the Jetts
Pink – the color not the singer
Playing Basketball
I love when Jerry sings
When I come home and Cammy breaks into grins


Blogger CousinSarah said...

I have tried to talk my mom into doing it. But she is still too protective. She feels like she is putting herself out into cyberworld. I think she liken it to giving someone her social security number...that she was raised you just dont do it. :) She reads mine, never comments on the blog, but says stuff to me when we talk. Moms and daughters...I really dont think we CAN appreciate them until we become moms. The love you have for your kids is unrivaled, so you act in ways you may not in other you dont understand what you see as thier crazy behavior until you have your own. I cannot tell you the number of times I have called my mom and been like "i love you" or "I am SOOOO sorry I did that to you." Things I can only appreciate now.

I LOVE HELLO KITTY. The fact my niece is into it makes me VERY happy. ChocoCat is a lil psycho for me. LOL

Lip gloss....i have this bubble yum lip gloss that I LOVE. I need to figure out if Walmart still has it and buy several. Love me some gloss! :)

CD's-depnds on the day, sometimes I can control the urge, other days, its a free for all. Im like an if I stay out of the bar, I am GREAT. :)Once I am in a CD store, it is over...ESPECIALLY A USED ONE. then I talk myself that it is a deal I spent 40$ and got 5 cds. LOL.

I love to bake with my grandmother. It is like the best thing EVER...or at least pretty good.

I like to dance in the living room with my sister.

Benny and the Jetts is a GREAT song. I just love Elton John.

I love/hate when Rich raps cause he cannot and it embarrasses me but I love that he is silly in those moments.

I love to call J my snugglebunny and ask him if he wants to crawl in bed with me and be my snugglebunny. My mom used to do that with me as a kid.

Ok enough before this post is anymore drawn out! :)

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