Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Civil Rights Pioneer Rosa Parks Dies at 92

rosa parks
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Everybody tried to portray Rosa like she was just tired - like she didn't know what was up when she refused to get off that bus. There were others who refused (like a single mother who was arrested roughly four days before Rosa, who they -being the NAACP - thought would be dragged through the mud for being a single mother) but Mrs. Rosa had what it would take to see the thing through. She worked for the NAACP and was clear on what she was doing. She was smarter than people tried to paint her. Our movement was smarter than just some randomness that just happened because. She was stronger than that. I am sorry to see her spirit go, glad for her to find that rest,and hopes she tells Malcom and Martin we said hello..



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So true. Another thing they dont tell you is that she actually WAS sitting in the colored section of the bus, and the white section was filled and the driver told her to get up for the white man and she refused. That was the breaking point for her. She may not have known that day was going to be the day she set off a movement, but she knew very very well what she was standing for. There is a really amazing documentary on her. I think so many women of the movement get lost in the HIStory. Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Assata Shakur, even Elaine Browne (who was a little off her rocker in my opinion--but an important leader nonetheless) So much is kept from the stories that make them more real. That would allow for more people to identify with them. I was just telling my staff how magnificently things have changed in her lifespan. That kind of experience is amazing. How much has changed in just under 100 years. Amazing to consider. Overwhelming almost.

Yes, she will rest among amazing company.

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Girl if you dont post me some stuff to read....:)

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