Sunday, October 23, 2005

Our Growlers moment

New Friends from Growlers
Originally uploaded by Bill Odom.
Okay this was wild.. and shows you where we are going in the world. I have a group of girlfriends, fairly new to me, we call ourselves The Queendom. They are poets and the significant others of several poets I have been friends with for years. SO what is the point of this point you ask?
Well... We go to dinner once a month and this month we went to growlers pub. Local spot not really known for its black population. But we are the Queendom and we don't care and we had a good time - how ever we forgot our camera -five levels of sexness - and no camera. I know travesty,right? so J one of the girls says I'm gonna take on with my camera. and this guy walking by pulls out his camera and takes one too. We notice and I say- "We'll be on flickr by eleven o'clock!"
He laughs and says "Hey I'm on flickr, my name is Bill Odom.", and so I go home look up Bill Odom and mark him as a contact and low and behold what pops up, a picture of the Queendom, taken by cool random white guy and put on a picture sharing program online. We are offically celebrities, only I don't think he knew we were poets and poet wives. So there you go.


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Nice people.

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