Monday, September 19, 2005

Daddy I was just thinking

  1. I will always be your little girl no matter how old I get
  2. You think I am beautiful and tell me so
  3. Your sense of humour cracks me up
  4. Your appreciation of music and the fact that you played drums in my room when I was a kid and belonged to a rock band before I could give music a race was a great benefit to my whole person.
  5. Because you were as honest with me as possible
  6. Because you bought me teddy bears and race cars
  7. Because I remember being little and lying on your bicep while listening to you snore and feeling like that was the safest place in the world
  8. because you let me bother you when you were drunk the morning after holiday parties
  9. Because you can make me laugh
  10. Because you write poetry and I had to get that from you
  11. Because you spoilt me rotten
  12. Because you never prohibited anything when I was a teenager instead told me as much as you could and why you felt the way you did and let me make my decisions myself
  13. Because you gave me a choice about religion
  14. Because you get me
  15. Because I am you, intrinsically and always will be
  16. Because you still look like Emmit smith and Evander Holyfield
  17. Because you are still amazingly good looking
  18. Because you love animals and taught us the value of a smart pet
  19. Because you took Jerry golfing, taught him to spackle and support him in our marriage
  20. Because you try so hard with Rocky and I know its hard for you
  21. Because you smile so genuinely
  22. Because you bought Syl's car for me and kept it rolling through 2 1/2 years of highschool, three of college.
  23. Because I've never had to hire a mover
  24. Because even though we don't see you enough you call to check on us
  25. because you telling me to relax and not worry is totally different from anybody else saying it
  26. Because I know you know me better inside than anybody
  27. Because when I was sick you would watch me from the door, I would feel safer
  28. Because you always found the pieces of my broken heart and helped me put it back.
  29. Because you were and always will be young at heart
  30. Because you were right about my first boyfriend and even though I hated that you were at the time, and the next few guys too,I now love and appreciate your protectiveness over me and in hindsight you were right (yeah I said it!)
  31. Because you allowed me to fail and come back home countless times and Never told me I told you so, (okay a few times it slipped ), Just took me back and helped me get back on my feet
  32. Because your music taste and mine are similar (if a tad offbeat)
  33. Because you allowed me to believe I could be anything I wanted to be
  34. Because you didn't just say it you invested money and time in every one of my interests
  35. Because you helped me out more times that I can count with out making me feel bad about it
  36. Because you always pick the right birthday/valentine /Christmas card
  37. Because of the way you are with my daughter and I can see how you were with me as a little girl
  38. Because you are one of the strongest men I know
  39. Because I am proud to be your daughter
  40. Because you are not ashamed of your past
  41. Because you can talk to me about serious things and give sage advice
  42. Because of your amazing insights into situations and people, which You have passed on to me and for this I am so grateful
  43. Because you are not a ‘normal’ dad
  44. Because you would have bought me the 4,000.00 wedding dress if you could have
  45. Because I still value your opinion, No matter how old I get, in fact, if anything it’s become more important
  46. Because even though you’re not together anymore, you still love and are protective of mom.
  47. Because now that I am older and have a child of my own, I am awed at the sacrifices you made for me and Roc and Nata without complaining
  48. Because in ANY time of crisis I can call on you and you will be there
  49. Because you are my one and only dad
  50. Because I buy cards for you and never send them all the time.
  51. Because I always buy your fathers day card as soon as they put them out
  52. Because you might read this blog and prove my previous points threefold
  53. because poker nite gives me the opportunity to meet you as an adult
  54. Because you still tell mom the things you should be able to call and tell me - like you miss the baby - but that's okay as long as I find out.
  55. Because I really wanted to move nearer to you but didn't
  56. because you still put other peoples wants before yours even though you don't have to.
  57. because you wore those baby blue Nikes I bought you even though I know you hated them
  58. Because you are a wonderful Grandfather
  59. Because you admitted you are still a Dallas fan even though we have a home team now
  60. Because I like your laugh alot
  61. because I like you

    .And I love you today and always


Blogger CousinSarah said...

I gotta call my daddy and tell him I love his Thiiiiiiiis much tonight. :)

4:42 PM  

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