Wednesday, August 17, 2005

When Pocket aces can't save you - watch T.V or write a poem...

Well I have delayed writing this post as lately my heart just hasn’t been in it. Since we got back from LA I’ve been tired and a little sick – I think I’m just worn out – and NO I’M NOT PREGNANT. Okay now moving on. We had poker weekend this wekkend and Jerry’s dad came. Actually since the reunion we’ve spent more time with him than we had easily in the last year – which is great. He’s an aggressive poker player and a lot of fun! I really hope he comes again – Jerry III – my husband – beat me while I was holding pocket aces… looking at a 3, an 8, an 6, a Jack and a 2…no possible straight, no flush he beats me with two freakin pair! Pair of twos and pair of eights… ARGH!!! He did win for the night so – that was cool.

I don’t know if you all know but you should know so I’m telling you – The Boondocks start airing on Adult Swim on Oct 2 at 11 p.m. there was a sneak peak up at but it is down now- how ever your girl was digging until she found what she was looking for – check this out
I was cracking up- You guys just aren’t ready! Has a BUNCH of clips from a sneak peak - I can’t hardly wait!

Nationals – I wasn’t there so don’t ask me….

I hear ABQ was great – there was a little – tinny bit of controversy at the very end there but that is expected with that many poets in one place – I’m glad it was so beautiful and I am so stoked it is in AUSTIN next – I’m there – gonna buy my ticket as soon as I get the dates in my head right! I’m thinking I may take the hubby – but he’s not much on the poetry thing – and I’m not trying to do anything but O.D on poetry – no sight seeing no shopping – okay a little shopping but mostly poetry. I wanna be sick of PHAT pieces when I leave! Anyway – I heard an NPR station had broadcast the finals – I’m trying to dig up the link if they have it archived so I can listen and be wowed on my own….

*But just a note on the controversy I know nothing about- If ABQ did such a great job pulling it together and building a crowd and getting the community involved and excited – why is anyone surprised that in a “sport” where audience response counts for at least 30-50% of how a judge scores, and if locals are coming out in droves and the slam system is as flawed as the US judicial system – why are you surprised the home team won? Are we not (as an audience) encouraged to Boo and hiss, and voice our loyalties and opinions as loudly as possible? AS it stands before a single poet’s plane had touched down or van pulled up or bus found the ABG depot – they had sold HALF the finals night tickets! Which is WONDERFULLY AMAZING – but also leaves the home field advantage VERY homey. Not everyone’s Granny is as honest as mine who told me after I came in second at a slam – “you did good baby but that other boy kicked ass!” Congrats to ABQ for kicking ass! In the scoring and as a host city!

Honor our Elders

Also Katherine Dunham is trying to move back to her home in E. St. Louis and is not financial able to do so – several of her colleagues have come up with the funds to renovate the home and make it accessible – she now needs home goods and is registered at Bed bath and beyond –click here… and Linens and things – click here. I believe in doing this because how many time can you say you have the opportunity to show one of the great persons in your past in our collective history as artists thank you and we know what you did and we are grateful for your life? Ms. Dunham is 94 years old – one day, hopefully not soon, she will die and there will be hundreds of people who come to honor her life – I want to honor her now while she is still alive, so she can know that I see – and I want my daughter to see and know how we are to treat our elders.

My sister needs some prayer – please pray for her – Just pray Gods will and grace (not a sitcom) for her

Depeche Mode – Halo in Reverse….


Blogger CousinSarah said...

I am really wanting to be able to attend a national slam. Or just a high level slam in general. My schedule is so crazy that it is hard to get away for long bouts of time but I feel like I would really help me move as a poet. Be exposed to more. I dunno if I will still be in Austin at the time of Nationals next year...if I am back at the Lou...we can go together!!

10:55 AM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

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10:55 AM  
Blogger sonyared said...

Girl, you are just doing your thang, wish I knew how to play poker all I know is spit,21...and I think that's it. Hope u feel better :-)

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:30 PM  
Anonymous CopaseticSoul said...

Souther Fried will be in Alabama next dont have to be a part of NPS to have a team ;-)

just a lil controversy at Nationals
but nothing we cant work through.

big ups to the Boondocks! yeah baby!

i see that you have been found by the Blog spammers....the Bastards!!

11:56 PM  
Blogger Pariah said...

wow lots of spam. I have a great site with absolutely nothing on it. you can check it out here :P___________

2:37 AM  

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