Thursday, August 11, 2005

Since I'm not at nationals

PLEASE AND BLESSINGS, since I’m not at nationals this year and its making me itch like a crack head going through withdrawal I thought I’d catch up on all the tags I’ve not done so here goes…

as a very PROUD PARENT....CoPo felt the need to do a top 5, and he tagged the parents he knows so here goes:

Raquita's 5 reasons: Why im a proud parent
(Or 5 reasons i havent killed them yet!)

1. because she came out of me
2. she smiles all the time and makes me remember how good life is
3. cause she is the best parts of Jerry and I (have you seen her picture?!?!)
4. Cause I love learning and seeing things again for the first time
5. because she is the best person I know

ok, now the flip side.......

Raquita's 5 reasons: Why me kid drive me crazy
(Or 5 reasons you should PRAY for me!)

1. Her school will cost an arm and a leg
2. shes more like me than I care to admit .
3. My 1 year old daughter will ONE DAY start dating
4. she NEVER STOPS moving
5. I sympathize with the cat – Cammy chases her all day long

Taggin: anyone that’s a Proud Parent!

Queue's 5 Musical Guilty Pleasures
(Or 5 songs I can currently think of that I am totally embarrased for liking!)

1. Hollaback Girl –Gwen S (yes I’m in the same boat as 97% of white girls under the age of thirty)

2. Cater to you –Destiny’s Child (I’m not supposed to like it – cause then Jerry’s like why don’t you do all that for me – but if I did all that I wouldn’t have time to do the other things for him I do – pick a set DUDE!!!one or the other)

3. Marcus Houston--"Naked” I just like looking at him – it reminds me of my Immature days Before IMX before B2K back when the Boys were on my wall… You know they live in Africa and have dreds down there backs and tons of kids now? Figures….

4. Jesse McCartney “Beautiful Soul" don’t ask I don’t know how I even heard it…

5. Jennifer Lopez –“Get Right" I love her – I don’t know why – I just do – love the movies love the CD’s dude – I’m getting therapy fo’real.

adding on...

Raquita's 5 Musical Guilty Pleasures
(Or 5 songs I can currently think of that I am totally diggin and want YOU to dig!)

1. Jill Scott--"The Fact Is (I Need You)"

2. Common--"Testify"

3. Me'Shell NdegeOcello--"Outside your door "

4. Chante Moore—Anything fromher first two albums…

5. Maxwell --"For lovers only" There was this one time….

top 10 TV Shows I stayed in to watch this summer or tried to but I don’t watch enough TV to remember to watch really…. (in no order):

1. Being Bobby Brown....I LOVE BOBBY BROWN – Whitney is just regular and I love her for that too.. they crazy like color purple crazy
2. So You Think you can Dance ....Local break dancer Nick got through to the top 50 but man – Darkside was the bomb!!! .
3. Smallville! I never catch it but the last FIVE minutes – even though I always mean to
4. ESPN - I know its not a Show per say but it makes me feel close to my dad – cause I know he’s watchin it too
5. Def Poetry.... nuf said
6. All the birth shows on Discovery channel – I love that stuff!!!
7. 7th heaven – I’m still trying to catch up so I’m watching reruns sporadically
8. The 4400....hmmm, whats really going on
9. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy....Carson ROCKS!
10. Entourage – probably my favorite show period righ now – its got a plot and charater development and everything

Write 15 statements anonymous to people on my friends list; but this is a blog so I’m going to use my favorite links list, people who comment and the people on my friends list over on Live journal too… .
1) Everything you think about me and mine is true about you and yours, we are a reflection of the people close to us.
2) I wish I knew you better but the people we both know may have clouded that possibility already.
3) Life has a plan for you – I wish I could tell you when it will become clear – but I can’t.
4) You are easily one of the best people to happen to me in a long time.
5) Without you I would miss it everyday – thank you.
6) I wish we could be better friends – I wish I could be what you need from me – but I don’t know what that is.
7) I would love to meet you – maybe one day.
8) I keep you on my list even though we don’t know each other because I am a fan of your work.
9) You have a beautiful light inside I’m glad I get to see – you should turn it on more often
10) I wonder what kid of child you were.
11) I think we could be really good friends even though you live far away
12) You are the reason I do this, and I pray she doesn’t come between us.
13) I wonder what you appear to be, I don’t know and I’m not really sure I want to
14) You are strange. Really and not in a fun way – I don’t think – okay maybe a little fun.
15.)You are a really really good poet.
Tagging anybody who feels up to doing any of these – Jerry you have to do at least one!


Blogger Blu Breeze said...

Now that is a mega-mountain tag!! LOL I absolutely LOVE that "Beautiful Soul" song too...but I couldn't remember who sang it to put it on my list. LOL

Hmmm...I wonder if I'm in your 15 anonymous list, and if so, which one?

I'm not at Nationals either...yet it served to be an epihany of sorts for me. I'll be home this weekend and will be at Legacy tomorrow night (shhh...don't tell nobody...well, maybe Joe cause I wanna see him too)so please come out, so I can see you!

Miss you!!

10:12 AM  

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