Monday, August 01, 2005

Pocket Aces and Sugar in My Water

I had what has easily surmounted to a pretty great weekend. We've started our official bi-weekly poker night and while we've got a few kinks to work out – I think it went pretty well. My dad came with his girlfriend, we'll call her Kelly, Joe, Chris, me and Jerry and we had a ball. My dad is a great guy and every time we get to hang out with him I miss him before he even leaves.

IMGP1640This weekend had one particularly hard moment for us as a family – my father put down our family dog Sinbad, who was 17 years old. It was time, and because I know it was time, I didn't morn his passing the way my sister and brother did. Honestly I find death a time of rejoicing, I trust God was able to work out what ever had to happen between them before they passed so there should be no reason for sadness, and so I know with Sinbad he's up somewhere jumping fences and chasing rabbits and squirrels and chewing underwear to shreds, happy – it's a long story – I won't elaborate.

IMGP1642Anyway after my dad had been there for a while – the baby woke up and was excited to see him and sat on his lap for most of the evening she stayed up with us 'til two a.m. and since it was Grandpa I let the bedtime infraction slide. He seemed glad to see her, pleased that she called for him and put her cute little arms up for him to pick her up. He's a good grandpa.
Joe trainer Joe, see blog to the right - my poker buddy – battled it out with me but he fell to my ruthless stack of chips – and Jerry put it on me and cut my stack in half. Chris couldn't catch a good set of card to save his life. My dad and I went back and forth trading large chucks of chips but we ended up calling it a draw. Me and Jerry and my dad were the last of the Mohicans and it was almost THREE in the morning! So my limited gambling history has an additional page included.

I made my hubby, mom and Aunt breakfast on Saturday morning. We had a nifty time, I like hanging out with my family, we seem to be learning so much about each other –

IMGP1648Sunday I went to paint my sisters new home, which is beautiful, and so fitting of her personality. She picked beautiful colors and I was glad to go! Like I mentioned before in my old age - well older age -I'm really enjoying my family. Anyway her new home is a very warm and easy space. Then we headed off to the sugar water festival show – featuring Floetry, Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, and Erica Badazz – sorry I meant Erica Badu. By me I mean My mom and Cammy, and My aunt a few of her friends and every poet and artist personality I care about. It was a great show, it was also my daughters first concert and she ROCKED it! I guess I shouldn't be surprised after that circus trip but she stood up and danced and sang and everything! She hung out with Floetry and wooed them with her cuteness, she was just great- I can take that kid anywhere.

IMGP1657 This was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to - the sets could have been longer particularly Floetry but that is always the case and I'm greedy - sue me. ( I can't wait until they headline their own show- I hope they reach that demand with the next album ) Queen Latifahs set was suprisingly better than I expected, She is such a talented lady and I would have loved to hear more from her as well. It was so refreshing to see all of those ladies doing their thing and holding down that show- St Louis was LATE as usual, that concert started ON TIME. By eight o'clock the place had filled up but about a 1/3 of the seats were empty when the show started but by the time Queen latifah finished (see quick sets) it was all good. My whole crew was there - people I see all the time and people I never see anymore. Lotus bloom and Spoken, Star and Aaron, Monty, Enoch, EVAN, Jasmine, Joe and his girl friend GiGi, just great spirits great people everywere, alas my dear hubby was not there - he wasn't feeling well and had other things he needed to deal with so we gave his ticket to a friend of Joe and GiGi. We got to see our dear friends Natalie and Marsha. We never get to see them anymore and the last few times they came to town - well I was big time pregnant and then I was being mom to a small infant and they were in and out so fast we missed them - so it was really nice that they finally got to meet Cammy. I got a good lookin at for not being better at keeping in touch - I'll do better!! And they were so stunned that Cam is such a nifty mix of Jerry and I . Cammy liked sitting with them andseemed really comfortable with the girls and that always makes me feel good that she knows good people . Mostly though I think she just trusts that I wouldn't let her go to bad people. I'm trying to live up to that trust. More posting to come - Iahve poet this week and I'm going to LA for a few days come the weekend for J's family reunion, so it should be interesting

Darkside,depeche mode, Halo in reverse, My head hurts -OUT!!!!!



Blogger Pariah said...

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2:24 AM  
Blogger Pariah said...

YOu gotta love the poker hat! Thanks for taking the picture when I looked my worst :P You couldn't have taken the picture BEFORE I lost all my money?? I had mad fun this weekend. Thanks for letting me spend it with you :)


2:27 AM  
Anonymous Soul said...

and i wasnt mentioned BECAUSE? it was kewl seeing everyone...still dont think Joe knows who da hell i am....but its all good,lol. he will

2:48 AM  
Blogger Queue said...

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Blogger Queue said...

I Fixed that CoPo and Joe you are the MAN!!!!


WHAT!! ya'll ain't ready!!!

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