Tuesday, July 26, 2005

T&A brings me back to hip hop

I was just reading a fellow bloogers entry which was talking about how she lost a friend in hip hop and a conversation she had with someone about the loss. She spoke on black men's blindness to the state of Rap music. Then there is Crazy Al Cayne. If you have ever watched BET uncut - which I have been party to watch so we have ample (no pun intened) images to use for these types of discussions. Besides my husband thinks Joker the bail bondsman is hilarious, recently we were watching and after my heart cried yet again for the throngs of girls gyrating to a 50 cent track, we had the pleasure of watching Al rap about Tits and Ass while dressed in a milk carton outfit.
Now while some people will say that it is hypocrytical that I would find this song and video amusing while upset with Nelly and 50 cent for the content of their videos are missing the point. I liked Crazy Al because he clearly was not taking himself or his song seriously. Women with butt attachments and balloon breasts that are clearly fake are not demeaning themselves, no one is suguesting we can't laugh at our selves. But to have a man objectify a woman by running a credit card down her butt cheeks is vulgar and unnecessary and there is nothing funny about it.

People use the argument that Rappers are rapping about the reality they live in. I guarentee Snoop Dog is not gang banging anything cause he has to. Anybody remember how straight his walk was when he was facing a murder rap? And none of these rappers have lived in any hood since their first album dropped- My biggest complaint is they are fronting about keeping it real - but they rent all teh crap in their music videos. Hello?!?! But I'm just talking for the hey of if.


Blogger sonyared said...

Thank you! They don't even own the majority of Bling around their necks or on their hands. They must retun it after the shoot..LOL. I feel the term "kepping it real" is so played out and abused, just like the word "Diva"! I rarely watch videos or even my local radio stations anymore, due to a lack of "realism" in the music and originality. Hip-Hop surely isn't what it used to be..it was fun and not so demeaning..it's sad. When Erykah badu came out with "Love of my life" (Ode to Hip-Hop) some years ago she touched my music sense for a second and then it quickly left and it was back to the same old music game again. I just download oldies now..as far as videos (umm..once in a while). Great blog..hey all the rappers and (non-singers) out now copy and sample everything old maybe just maybe they will start to copy being original again..

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Blogger CousinSarah said...

Sista, now YOU KNOW where I am with this. I mean, I just cannot stand any video stations anymore. I just cant. Even the R&B, i.e. trapped in the closet, has become crippled by posers of music. Remember when videos comprised of a strong fan, large sleeved shirts and dance moves?? Sonya says it well...hope they learn to copy bein original again...will have to use that one. Seriously.

I have a serious problem with folks that are advocating a life they have distanced themselves from and glamorizing it. One thing is that when hip hop branched a section of gansta rap, it was to educate, make folks aware of urban poverty, violence and racism that was hidden or missing in most any element of media. But now it acts like it is preaching a way of life, and it is one thing to say, this is the shyt we have lived through, it is another to have a pissing contest through a hip hop media about who is the toughest rapper....to be honest, who wants to know that their favorite musician can kill someone even if it was true...I want my musicians to make me move, touch a cord, illustrate a dream, speak to a reality....not this crap.

And what is to be said for the women who participate in these videos? You know it is a thin line because for some, they hope this is an avenue for a big break, and at the same time they contribute to the misogynistic oppression that makes it so hard for them to get into the business anyway. And really, the things they are showing arent thier assests, it just thier ass. I mean, do you want to be known as the girl in the Tip Drill video. That video made me so ANGRY that I couldnt speak. And I can almost always speak. I mean it was to such a degree...that it spoke loudly for me. The state of what we find acceptable or that people will like. Then we wonder why teen boys have sex with teen girls, get them pregnant and walk away. We have taught them to consistently objectify. Too seek a life they are not likely to have AND seeking it illustrated from a person who isnt actually living it either.

Music has always been reflective of culture. And there is a large portion of music in general right now that should cause people to pause. I am always against censorship, but it should still create a pause to think. Of the reflection that is so mainstream and what has become less visible. My 2 cents.

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