Wednesday, July 27, 2005

keeping the beat....

Our life is falling into its rhythm. It is catching smoothly, like the first few bars of a new song you know is gonna be your jam. And while I know this song is gonna be our jam – I worry about catching rhythm. A marriage I believe, should be like bad white boy dancing – you should have to work to keep the rhythm. This most days seems too easy – like YOU GOT SERVED dance scenes – it should look as hard as it is, but it don’t and it feels easy once you learn it. Did that make sense? N-E way in thanking God for how special my current love is I have to remember how bad some of the others got. I have been lucky. I have loved and been loved well, even if those loves did not culminate into marriage and old age and long life together. If love is a home fire, then I have loved uncontrollable 3 alarm blazes and fires that had to be restarted over and over and over… well you get my drift.
I don’t miss the 3 alarm blazes or the fires that always ALWAYS had to be relit – but I do want to remember to work at keeping this fire going – no matter how self contained it may seem. I am a little older, and I have thought a bit harder about how to love, we even if have found the rhythm in building a fire we cannot take for granted that we will naturally keep it going. People love in so many ways, we love like classic wood fireplaces. You build it, use the right kind of wood, oak, or maple, no cheating and using lighter fluid, just some kindling, and once its lit you delight in that glow, until it burns down to red hot coals, the kind that burn for a long time, and if you need some flames every once in a while – you just put a new log on the embers and it will catch just as it should.
So while our rhythm is solid now I pray that I don’t forget to watch the beat – that is doesn’t get to soft or too complicated, that we don’t end up looking like a white man with no rhythm trying to keep the beat but more like dancers that have learned all the styles and lessons necessary to be able to change dances as the music changes.


Blogger Pariah said...

bad white boy dancing?? wth, Quita?! :P

1:02 PM  
Blogger NDVDUAL said...

Speak on it, and teach...

3:29 PM  
Blogger NDVDUAL said...

You have blessed me by your example to LOVE!

3:31 PM  

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