Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Life Timeline

This is a re-post from March - you guys wern't reading this and it helps me to go back so - What would you want your life timeline to be? here's mine...

I was born April 11, 1977, I would prefer to die October 30th 2073, on a drive down some tree lined highway. Maybe not as it may freak out my driver, anyway. I will be a hearty 96 1/2. My great grandmother bless her soul is alive currently - despite yearly declarations that she won't live to see (insert life event here i.e someone's graduation, wedding, birth of child ect) is still hanging around and living well at 89. So 96 doesn't seem like that big a leap, plane crashes withstanding. I will marry June 25th of 2005, to a man, Jerry Henderson III, who God willing will out live me. If he has his way we will have three children our daughter Camille who will be a spry 69 when I pass on and her twin brothers Jerry IV and Jarrod, probably around 67. (twins is the only way he'll get the three kids he's clamming for. I will receive the teaching degree I have so long lusted after in 2009, and teach honors English to high school seniors. I'll be the teacher sponsor for slam teams and some other language based activity and try my damnedest to help children find their voice. While working with the kiddies, I'll work on my masters in poetry and creative writing, work on being published, putting together my novel, and possibly a screenplay. I'll retire from teaching in 2044 to travel with Jerry full time and hit open mics with the intent to be the oldest person on mic, that night at least, and continue to write. My children will be very successful in what ever they decide to do, my daughter loves to sing and talk so at this point she'll either be the next Oprah or maybe Kathleen Battel. (did I spell that right) My sons will each cross the gambit, one will be the shortest NBA player to score 60 pts in a game, and he'll do it regularly, and get his masters in sports management in the offseason. His brother will either be the brain his father would love (engineers or something like that) or the brain that I would love (a writer) he will teach college instead of high school, be published before he's 16 and like to paint a little for stress relief. He will win the Pulitzer Prize in 2060 and dedicate it to his mother. My grandchildren will love to travel with me when school is out, or perhaps I will stay with them s my grandmother is staying with my child and pass my legacy on directly for as long as I can. What's the timeline of your life?


Blogger G said...

Wow that is awesome. I will have to do some thinking and come up with mine. Your writing style is amazing like my big sisters'. I was shocked when I saw *2* comments on my blog I figured Sarah was the only one who saw that. lol. I am your average everyday plain jane girl. Nothing much real exciting about me so I figure my blog is kinda wellllll boring quite frankly, lol. Sarah was blessed with the gift of writing...I got the height :) Anyway, you got me thinking of writing something similar. I am a 77er too...so 96.5 sounds good to me too! :) Maybe we can take the drive together :)

9:04 AM  
Blogger CousinSarah said...

Yeah she got the hieght, and I am still real bitter about it. :)

7:47 PM  

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