Thursday, August 11, 2005

BORN in East LA!!!! I was...

Not really but We did just spend a long weekend in LA so the title almost fit! Anyway we had a really good time meeting all of Jerry’s Family members – I haven’t had the opportunity to put all the pictures up and contrary to Jerry’s beliefs I am not going to post a long detailed post about it – cause it was his family reunion and he should recap. So there!  But LA was great we spent Friday through Sunday late after noon spending quality time with his family – meeting TONS of new people, and the beautiful children. Ton and Tons of pretty babies and little children in that family. Ironically Jerry is the very last Henderson male and seeing all of those family members together kind of made it imperative that we have a son to carry on the name in a very softly mentioned way by both Jerry and his father – as if they were prepping my womb for the second inhabitant. How bout can I get a year?!?!? At the very least – a year… We got to spend some time on Santa Monica Pier with Amber- Wamber and her mom – mrs Simpson – they totally rock! And Cammy went on her first date – with Amber’s nephew – he took her on a ride in his wagon. TOO CUTE!! Anyway look to Jerry for more updates about our trip to LA- Pictures will be up tonight!


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