Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday's are Grey

Okay so yesterdays epi was "Sometimes a Fantasy"
and I am loving the direction the writers are moving with this season. The thing I appreciated most about this epi and the show in general is that they don’t hold the focus any one place too long.
So lets jump right in!
*Just a note this epi was written by Debra Cahn and you can read her take on it over at Grey Matter.

Okay. My friends, we call our selves the Three Heffas, it’s a loving term really, watch the show normally together- although heffa numba two (i.e Spoken) works late on Thursday and we end up watching it twice when she comes over. We each identify with a different character, I am pretty much Christina only I’m way more sensitive than her, even if I forget to be nice sometimes, Spoken is Meredith – only with out the sleeping around thing, and Renata is equal parts Issy and Callie, only with out the killing of patients cause Renata is the only one of us who is a Dr. or the closest to being a Dr, and is the only one of us who has access to patients to kill. That seems to be the thing this season, as they flesh out the characters more and more we each begin to see more of your self in the other characters. Like I am totally feeling Issy right now.
I love how she is just tortured inside and knows she can’t go back in there (the hospital) until she is less tortured. In my living room after the season opener I stated several time, that the only way Issy is gonna get any move on – going on is to get some closure and Per the previews next week she’ll get the closure I knew she would.
Now Christina, she’s smart like me, and I refuse to believe that it takes her – me – that long to come to the conclusion that support is needed, and figure out a way to support. Deep down Christina is like me – shes a care giver and I think that she bottled that away cause shes got mommy issues. But when she can get over her mommy issues (which loving Burke the way he has to be loved represents) she will be okay with caring and it won’t take her a whole show to figure out how to care. Cause the chicken, that was totally, totally cool.
Burke himself is going to have a rough time of it, he’s trying to make it okay in him self that he might not be able to be a surgeon, but he needs Christina to be like his mom, and know it for him, despite all the logic. And I think that is what Burkes mom was trying to convey last week, and it is truly what I would want for my son. A woman who believes what is necessary despite and beyond what he believes. Reality is all about what you believe. Burkes mom believes his hand will be better, and Christina has too as well. And the chicken was her belief. I think Burkes mom would be proud.
Okay – I remember being Meredith, before Jerry, like RIGHT before Jerry I was dating. Like seven or eight guys. Seriously. We were just dating. No hanky panky. Dinner and a movie. And I was on a serial dating spree. It was a second job, and just as hard. Do you know how hard it is to keep more than one guy straight in your head?
You don’t talk about anything meaningful cause you don’t want to forget who was trying to go to law school, and who was trying to open a recording studio. It makes me tired just thinking about it. And when the guys happen to bump into you while you are dating somebody else. Egos do fly.
So I can totally sympathize with Mer on this one. Cause you could tell at the end of last weeks episode those guys were just as amped about competing with each other as they were about winning Mer. They are doctors – McVet is still a doctor no matter what Christina thinks – and doctors are competitive.
I bet that whole dating thing goes the way side next week – with Mer hopefully choosing the vet – hey I can dream.
And the Threesome dream, SWEET!! While I have no desire to sleep with two guys I can appreciate being surrounded by that much sexiness, on your own terms. Again read the writers take on it, it will make you smile and laugh.
George and Callie. George is such a boy. He doesn’t know what he wants. When Callie told him to use his words, HILL-arious! And him ranting about the Green Lantern and Robin?!?! Callie she is classic with the towel. I love how she’s like - what ever - that will teach you to ask me about your stupid towel. You’re sleeping with me but you are nervous about your towel?
And Addison. I love her and Mc Steamy together. And I love her interactions with Meredith. They are AWESOME! Addison is AWESOME. She’s my favorite woman and if she was just a little more snippy I’d be Addison with out the cheating on the husband part – LOVE YOU HONEY!!! And he’ll (McSteamy) stay in Seattle because she’s staying cause the chief was right, it is the best opportunity and she’s smart enough to know that – even if it will be torture running into Derrick and Mer, but Mc Steamy staying will even the playing field, and make Derrick six levels of uncomfortable. I think he still hasn’t dealt with the loss of his friend any more than he had dealt with the loss of his marriage.
Wish we had gotten some more on the chief and his marriage and what’s up with Mer’s mom lately? What say you Chief goes back to her? Yes she’s sick, but he’s gonna take care of her. What’s say you?!?! I’m crazy, we’ll see.

Well what did you guys think?


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